About Mrs. Barnes

I love animals. I have 2 dogs and would have more if I could take care of them properly. smiley I also have 2 boys. They are my world. I love them very much and enjoy every moment with them. I am married to my wonderful husband who is also in education. We all like to hike together, go roller-skating, ice-skating, camping, go to the beach, and we try to have family day once a month. *although our months will get busy with sporting events and we can't make famliy day every month because of those events.* I started off as a Business major. I started working in a different occupation altogether. I had my first son and still continued to work until he started Kindergarten. I realized that I would miss my time with him  once school started and our schedules would be so different. I decided, while I was pregnant with my second son, that I would stay home with my boys. I did that until my youngest started Kindergarten. Then I became a Kindergarten aid and realized that I would love to teach! So here I am. I went back to school and became certified to teach. I hope to reach every student and make a difference in their life.http://MrsBarnes.educatorpages.com